Martec Nederland, Specialist in wear protection.

Martec Nederland has as main objective to achive maximum efficiency, for both customer and supplier, by combining experience and Know-how. The integration of knowledge and experience in the machinery of our relations innovates and improves the wear protection methodes and therefore the efficiency of our clients.


Due to the succes of continues innovation and by offering a complete concept Martec Nederland has developed as a partner in wear protection. The current core business expands to: analisys, development of wear protection methodes, qualifying of wear parts, advising in wear protection methodes, (re)engineering wear parts, prototyping, appliyng wear protection layers, repair and manufacturing of wear parts, 24/7 service on location.
By widening our activities and expanding the company a professional organisational structure has emerged. Therefore participation and managing bigger projects has been integrated in the organizational structure of Martec Nederland.


Due to market demands and the goal to create a complete wear protection package for complete installations or machinery Martec has expanded her activities and techniques. By obtaining more techniques and knowledge Martec has created a strong knowledge base and developed a lot of application experience. True advising by analisys of a worn down surface and also the capacity to manufacture or apply wear protection layers in our own production facillity Martec has a high level of customer focus without having to work from a product based setting. A high level of specialization is the consequence wich creates a continuous innovative process. Even laboratory research or devellopment of welding wires is not avoided to create a maximum result in wear protection.


Next to advising in wear protection and selling welding materials the emphasis of the company is put on the appliance of wear protection layers and eventually the selling of welding materials is put to a stop. Because of the high demands on the welding techniques it is no longer possible to seperate advising from selling. By applying high quality autogenous welded layers Martec nederland is able the obtain a position in market controlled by big companies. Due to the high demands on the wear protective layers Martec is confronted with very difficult problems wich need to be solved by trial and error. The obtainable market solutions no longer apply so a high level of knowledge in wear protection is reached.


Martec Nederland is founded as a trading company and a consultancy for wear protective welding additives. By specialising in very high level materials problems are being contested with high degrees of difficulty. This cultivated the innovative attitude of Martec Nederland.