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Wear protective welded layers, cladding, can be a good and affordable solution to improve the durabillity. When wear tight base materials cannot sustain the solution often lies in cladding to improve the durabillity. Often an improvement in durabillity is reached up to 100% up to 600%.

Important to realise this improvement in durabillity is to analyse the wear image, the composition of the wear protective layer, choosing the rightbase material and the craftmenship wich the layer is applied. Because Martec Nederland has always been orientated on the objective, instead of selling products, Martec Nederland has a lot of experience in different cladding materials and techniques. Martec performs these techniques in their own workshop wich guarantees an economical and customer friendly workmethod.

To apply the correct kind of cladding Martec provides the following techniques:

  • Autogenous Cladding
  • Hard-Grit autogenous Cladding
  • TIG-/MIG-/MAG- Cladding
  • Hardmetal brazing
  • Powderflame spraying of Chrome oxide coatings
  • MIG/MAG filled wire Cladding
  • 3 component ceramic coating
  • PTA Cladding

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